About artec technologies AG

Company Profile

The listed company (A6T) artec technologies AG from Diepholz / Germany was founded in 2000 by Thomas Hoffmann and Ingo Hoffmann and develops and produces innovative software and system solutions for the transmission, recording and analysis of video, audio and metadata in networks and the Internet. Since 2000, customers have been using the product platforms MULTIEYE® for video surveillance and security, especially in industrial and governmental environments, and XENTAURIX® for media & broadcast applications for monitoring, streaming, recording and analysis of TV, radio and web livestream content.

artec offers its customers a complete service (project planning, commissioning, service & support) both for the standard products and the special developments.


Thomas Hoffmann is the managing director. He is an internationally experienced manager with a high degree of know-how, market knowledge and technological competence who has successfully led the company since 2000. Thomas Hoffmann is also in charge of Business Development and Investor Relations.

He is supported by Arne Scissek as a technical economist. Trained in economics and computer science, he has been working for artec technologies AG since 2016. As Chief Operating Officer and certified data protection officer, he focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation in joint projects, so that success is always based on partnership. In his leisure time he is active as a diver for the water rescue service.