DIEPHOLZ / BREMEN – Germany — artec turns video/audio data into “Smart Media”. This is particularly interesting for the media industry. Because the audiovisual data from television, Internet and radio contain valuable information. artec’s XENTAURIX AI platform makes it possible to efficiently monetize this data treasure. artec, together with the Finnish AI specialist Valossa, will present its capabilities at the IBC (14. – 18.09.2018): Booth no. 7.B16.

Explore the extensive capabilities of XENTAURIX AI in our preview video: https://bit.ly/2O7MKrb

XENTAURIX AI automates a multitude of time and personnel intensive tasks and uses technologies such as transcription/object recognition to sort large amounts of data and uncover relevant insights. With manual techniques, this requires thousands of working hours. With the additional cognitive capabilities of Valossa AI, we are further increasing the added value of XENTAURIX for our customers and opening up new ways in the monetization of digital content,” says Thomas Hoffmann, CEO of artec. XENTAURIX is available as an in-house or cloud solution. As part of the expansion, cloud analysis can also be used as a simple pay-as-you-go service in the future. Without complex contracts, data can be uploaded for analysis and then billed via credit card.

Customers use the platform to specifically evaluate their audiovisual information material from a wide variety of sources (TV, radio, streaming services and social media). Users have access to a wide variety of cognitive analysis tools (engines), which are enhanced by the use of deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) programs. XENTAURIX AI cognitive engines accelerate and extend metadata collection, enabling broadcasters, media companies and content owners to stay competitive by reducing personnel workload, reducing costs whilst expanding their video intelligence.

XENTAURIX AI is accessible from any browser enabled device, laptop, tablet or cloud featuring a customisable HTML5 user interface and extensive REST API to allow fast workflow integration with existing applications.


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The listed company artec technologies AG from Diepholz (Germany) develops and produces innovative software and system solutions for the transmission, recording and evaluation of video, audio and metadata in networks and the Internet.





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