Monitor, Record and Analyse Live Streams From Social Media Platforms

Live streams from social platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram are becoming more and more important as your content reaches not only cross-country, but also specific and large target groups. In addition, there is interactivity. Whether current news, games, thematic content, advertising, etc. But livestreams are also used to transmit sexist, propagandistic and violent content. The livestreams offer a multitude of interesting and relevant information as well as images that can be evaluated according to certain criteria. In order to analyze the live content, a system of monitoring, recording and AI-based analysis is required.

Social Media Monitoring

Customers include media monitoring companies, digital publishers, marketing companies as well as from the field of public security (police, Federal Criminal Police Office, Customs Criminal Police Office, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution).

Under the brand name XENTAURIX® artec technologies AG from Diepholz offers a Media & Broadcast Logging System as well as a Cloud Service, which is used for monitoring, recording and analysis of social media live streams.

Further information can be obtained from:
artec technologies AG
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